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Welcome To My Music & Of Course Me !

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

Hello Everyone ! I am #pianist #composer #arranger #producer #jazz #musician #jamesanorkawich. I was born and raised in #Bridgeport #Connecticut, and now reside in #Glastonbury. I have spent all of post covid (2021-Present ) releasing my material on #spotify #deezer #amazonmusic #iheart #Pandora #itunes just to name a few, as well as my videos for certain songs on #youtube. Its been great to work with artists in the USA and UK and Canada and I am truly thankfull and blessed to be surrounded by the array of talent thats out there. I am working on so many projects in 2023 while working to perform in the live venues as well.

So what's next ??

In 2023 I started releasing new pop material as well as revisiting some jazz classics such as "My Funny Valentine" " Night and Day" as well as a musicial tribute to Bobby Caldwell. I plan to really push more of the jazz element till summer, because after all it is my forte and not to mention it showcases my music as a #jazz #pianist. I think, ( and this is only my personal feeling is that Jazz has become almost a lost art form, given all the bubble gum pop and "New" music that's out there, the classics seem to get lost amuck the rest of the music that is streamed or played on the radio.

James A. Norkawich - Stock Photo (Monarch Photography)

Website - Social Media and More

Currently as of May 5th 2023, my website is in process of being overhauled, and Twitter, TikTock , and Instagram and Facebook are the primary sources of whats going on musically, personally and will keep all fans and followers up to date.

This is my first blog entry so welcome ! I have alot to say and alot to share and hope that you stop back, follow me and stream my music on all streaming sites.. The more the merrier !

You can e-mail me at as well.

So what's exciting is that you'll get to know everything about me, my music and more !

Quick Center For The Arts ( Fairfield University)

Memory Lane Section -

I always believe to know where your going is to know where you came from. The picture featured above is The Quick Center For The Arts, located on the campus of Fairfield University in Fairfield Connecticut. In 1992 I was part of a performing arts school and we performed here with Bassist Brian Q Torff and the complete recording can be found on #Spoitfy ! I can't believe it was so long ago.

Thank you for stopping by and more to come your way !

Keep on listening and Catch you on the flip side !

James A. Norkawich


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